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The Grand Bravo Hotel (Guilin Dagonguan Jiudian) is located just a 5-minute drive from Guilin commercial center. The Guilin Railway Station is just a 9-minute drive away.

The hotel offers free parking and Wi-Fi access in public areas.

Dining choices include Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants.

Over 20 river-view meeting rooms, 3 large banquet halls and an open-air courtyard provide ample space for holding conferences, weddings, banquets or other events.

When you get some free time, spend it exercising in the gym, taking a load off at spa center, getting some sun by the pool or simply enjoy the indoor heated pool.[View Detail]
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  • dindon
    Hotels in Nice
  • youryue
    Hardware is very good, service was
  • aity168
    Very good, very new, the rooms are child like.
  • woaiyouxi226
    Hotel environment service are good. Hotel lower has a nightclub often night has Miss early into rooms floors, feel not is good, access Rooms Elevator are not need brush room card, didn't security. has once small baby not carefully by to has room within of emergency button, led to started alarm, Lane has half also didn't off, later call to front desk, only learned that how close alarm. I wants to said of is, in room alarm started Hou of a time in, actually Hotel no learned that rooms has alarm,If that's the guest an emergency alarm, that's what! what are the guests ' safety! since the emergency button to activate the alarm, and no one to deal with, that's what this button! guests really know this button there is an emergency that is life-saving button! you charge such high fees, but even the minimum security is not guaranteed!
  • e01345044
    Super hotel, Guilin first, '
  • jailywang
    Beautiful environment! luxurious! health good! nice!
  • e01960594
    Hotel waiter than Beijing and Shanghai as well as gaps, other perfect. stay here next time
  • alxlsl2010
    First hotel renovated, European-style, high-end atmospheric level, same grade as Shangri-La, the hotel price is fairly good, and strongly recommend you can stay here, hotel services are also quite good, also came to the room, General Manager of fruits, the reception staff was very helpful! 100 great! next time will come again!
  • beverly_liu
    Hardware facilities very good, staff is friendly is enthusiasm, met will active regards. Although not in downtown, but Guilin urban was on is small, taxi General are is 10 Yuan around, just encountered has a female driver is disappointed, not put we with to place not said, and pricing device is adjustable had of, also of distance than other car your has 5 Yuan. Guilin is a tourism city, has world Shang unique of landscape landscape, also has I feel full Guilin best of big mansion, hopeGuilin City Government can consolidate the taxi industry, very confusing.
  • jieerbaobei
    Room was big and clean
  • lolo1983
    Excellent, good value for money. at reasonable prices.
  • Blue Xiang Xiang
    Has received machine service, we of aircraft late one hours, arrived out station mouth on saw hotel arrangements of people took with wrote has name of paper brand again received we, is feel they of dedicated spirit; Hotel overall of decoration Europe Luo style (2013 opened) Hall luxury style; we live of is luxury suite, room effect beyond we expected! and room sent fruit disc, can delay check out more is visitors of accident surprise! more let people pleased of is we near zero to front desk to two a createSend aid immediately to! suggested to Guilin tourism guest house accommodation, particularly reception and special guests together with a loved one, be sure to stay at mansion!
  • agill628
    Very good hotel,
  • LauTony
    Hotel Nice location, not convenient for dining, tour groups too much clutter.
  • aita6760
    Very good breakfast is something a little less
  • coollee1985
    Hotel very local
  • feibotao
    Guilin travel friends, Mansion Hotel is the first choice of hotel, comfort and good service, the price is quite reasonable
  • banyan_g
    Hotel is very new, very luxurious feeling. rooms are nice and free upgraded room types may require two-point check out. produced good buffet dinner and breakfast buffet, worthy of recommendation. that is a bit too, but not at this price, so it doesn't matter;)
  • mamaspapas
    very good
  • tong_fr
    Love this hotel
  • doubletang
    Hotel environment and health are is good. hotel not in downtown, but to downtown taxi 10 Yuan are can to, hotel door at any time has car waiting, is convenient. hotel has a outdoor free pool, husband and daughter are is like, especially daily tour finished attractions back, can in outdoor swimming, is comfortable. Special recommended to with children of family, here of double bed is 1.35m for with children live.
  • adong99
    Hotel facilities are good. buffet breakfast very good. swimming pools very good. also has a gym, but basic fitness equipment has ... only thing is the Internet signal is weak.
  • d00354826
    Very good, very new.
  • laowang001
    Environment, excellent service, traffic in General.
  • dian210
    Nice look around the atmosphere, rooms relatively luxury worthy of our pay rate, sons satisfied!
  • catsonic
    European modern style hotel, high-end atmosphere on the grade, is my favorite style-in General, software and hardware are very good, for five minutes, have recommended to a friend-
  • e01776108
    Very good, European-style love, after Guilin lived here
  • daiyan_620
  • e00039296
    Feel empty
  • dongdong1029
    Environment grade are reached standard, only discontent of is why not way Windows and door, that lane balcony do, I also selected has two between mountain room, playing to front desk times application are not way, even Windows also not way, hotel absurd of said fear into mosquito what, not pulled light, I live mosquito bite I and not bite you, bite I I also recognize has, very discontent, this with frog in the has what difference!
    Rooms are bright, angle is large, breakfast very rich, nice
  • cp102253
    Well recommended!
  • Sunday11
    Great value, great, health, travel is also very convenient.
  • e01130506
    Nice hotel, service is good
  • E00792192
    Service is good
  • e03842624
    Return to stay and continue to swim, fruit, and issue two days before the live fruit? good service, room had a slight, immediately replace it.
  • e01548021
    Proportional to the hardware and software is the best!
  • leiyu467
    Comfortable, clean, magnificent,
  • xyy101
    Hotel location, first-class facilities, luxurious decoration, the room was large, the scenery outside is also very good hotel good buffet dinner, the price is very value-for-money.
  • Anan0715
    Hotels near Liu San Jie Grand View Garden, environment was very luxurious and very comfortable, family are well satisfied
  • e00801659
    Service is very good, nice, also not far from the city centre, very convenient
  • leader2008
    Room was clean, warm, father-in-law and mother-in-law of praise, it's really good
  • dubin
    Leverage good facilities, is great
  • e02667586
    On a variety of high-priced recommendation-
  • dscanme
    Well, I feel very comfortable, most children love it! next time to go.
  • catilovecat
    Very satisfied with, next time you come to stay at this
  • j0306d
    In Guilin for a few days, this is the best.
  • arrowjsl
    Very good, cost-effective ultra-high, magnificent beauty, when children lived in Yangshuo has been asked back to the Mansion House (v)
  • e00415760
    Very good hotel with first-class facilities, good software and hardware are all very good. good location, quiet, next to the third sister Liu, near from the reed flute cave, is 10 Yuan taxi ride from the city centre, came back from Yangshuo and renew a night is recommended. Deluxe family possession in October 2015
  • Amanda411
    Very good very good very good very good